What Is a Good Outline for a Dedication Ceremony?

What Is a Good Outline for a Dedication Ceremony?

A good outline for a dedication ceremony includes opening the ceremony by stating the date and location of the ceremony and the official name of the item being dedicated. Such ceremonies also include introductions of the members of the organizing committee, introductions and remarks of invited dignitaries and keynote speaker, and the formal dedication, as well as time for questions and answers and refreshments.

Planning a formal dedication ceremony starts with setting a date, booking keynote speakers and other participants and sending out invitations to guests as well as press notices. Be sure to specify a deadline for RSVPs so planners know how to set up the event space.

Select a host or master of ceremonies who is responsible for welcoming guests and other invitees as well as keeping the ceremony itself on track. It’s also common for the emcee or other designee to lead the group in the Pledge of Allegiance and sometimes a benediction.

The business of the dedication ceremony begins with introducing other participants in the ceremony proper as well as audience members who have helped organize the event. These introductions are followed by the introduction of the keynote speaker and his speech and the formal dedication.

After the formal dedication, it’s also appropriate to offer the audience and the media time to ask questions. Such ceremonies usually end with drinks and finger foods but can also offer guests an invitation to join the organizers for a full meal.