What Are Some Good New Years Resolutions?


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One good New Year's resolution from Forbes is "smile more," because the act of smiling makes you happier. Another good resolution is "don't commit to things you can't do," since kept promises reinforce self-worth and a person's reputation. Reputations are good, bad and strange and depend on the person.

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Certain resolutions are very strange like "wave to fellow motorists at four-way stops" and "knit more sweaters for freezing trees," reports CBS 10 News in Tampa, Florida. Each person who resolves on New Year's day to improve approaches the idea uniquely and has an aspect of his life that he dislikes. The New Year's resolution is a motivating tradition that helps those who are serious but who also need a push to start.

Resolutions are hard to keep because people try to change a behavior pattern overnight, says the American Psychological Association. The key is to take is slow and steady; fulfill the resolution but do not overdo it and make sure not to quit. The progress is slower, but it is steady and easier to accomplish.

The rate of success for New Year's resolutions is 12 percent, as concluded by a study at the University of Bristol in 2007. One of the biggest reasons for failure is too many simultaneous resolutions.

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