What Are Some Good Mother-of-the Bride Poems?

Some good mother-of-the bride poems are "My Promise" and "For My Mother." Another poem for the mother of the bride that speaks from the perspective of the mother's friend is "Her Mother."

"My Promise" writes to the mother of the bride from the groom's perspective. The groom tells the bride's mother that he has patiently searched for his bride. He expresses happiness that the bride's mother cared for her and raised such a kind and wonderful daughter. The groom promises to dutifully care for the bride.

In "For My Mother," a bride writes to her mother. She says that she is no longer a little girl but a woman dressed in fine clothes. The bride talks about giving her mother a special handkerchief to hold during the ceremony in case the mother cries. In the poem, the bride thanks her mother for teaching her that dreams come true. In closing, the bride thanks her mother for her help in life and states that her life with her husband is just beginning.

"Her Mother" writes from the viewpoint of a friend of the bride's mother. The friend says that the mother's work with the child is done. She expects the mother to experience both love and happy tears as her daughter walks down the isle. The writer says that the bride receives her loveliness from the mother. The poem closes by wishing the mother "Much Love to You on this Special Day."