What Are Some Good Messages to Write on a Thank You Card to Your Boss?


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Message ideas for a thank you card to a boss include "Thank you for helping me," "I enjoy working with you" and "You're doing a great job." If the card is sent for a specific reason, such as a promotion or help with a project, the writer should reference that.

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The writer should base how he addresses the boss on their relationship. If they are friends, using a first name is appropriate. Otherwise, he should use the boss's title and last name.

One example thank you card format begins with the writer thanking his boss for a recent occasion or event. He can mention how it helped him or what he enjoyed about it, then thank his boss for all that the boss contributed. The writer should end the card by mentioning a future occasion in which he hopes to interact with his boss again. Appropriate closings include "Sincerely," "Best wishes" or "Thanks again."

Delivery methods include giving the card to the recipient in person, leaving it on his desk or putting it in his company mailbox. If the sender doesn't have the boss's personal address, it's inappropriate to ask for it.

Thank you messages don't have to be for a specific occasion. The writer can thank his boss for doing a good job and point out traits that make his boss an effective leader.

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