What Is a Good List of Items for a Scavenger Hunt Party?


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According to Scavenger-hunt.org, a good scavenger hunt list contains a variety of items that are commonly and uncommonly found around the inside of the home or outdoors or that are easily obtained by asking bystanders for help. Popular items are old magazines, the smallest flag, a picture of a police officer, newspaper comics and a coupon for a percentage off.

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As explained by Scavenger-hunt.org, creating a scavenger hunt requires one to choose a specific theme before creating the list. The theme may involve a special day, a holiday or a particular topic for the players to learn more about, such as nature, nutrition or math.

The list should contain hard-to-find items or require the individual or team to complete a complicated task in order to win. For example, players may be asked to find a basketball hoop and shoot two baskets. If pictures are included on the list of scavenger hunt items, each player or team is required to have a digital camera. Hiding treasure items throughout the scavenger hunt location is a way to incorporate clues into the game. The clue items are often much harder to find than ordinary list items, but they make the game more challenging for older children or participating adults.

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