What Are Some Good Ideas for a Winter Carnival?

Ideas for a winter carnival include snowman-building races, snowplow races, snow golf, building an ice palace and holding a "Frozen"-themed carnival. Holiday-themed winter carnivals are also popular, as are those held at ski resorts. Any winter carnival can be made better by including games, contests and fireworks.

Ski resort winter carnivals provide the feel and comfort of a snowy getaway. Keep the decorations warm and inviting with plenty of interior places to warm up beside a fire. Marshmallow roasting, hot cider and hot cocoa add warm hospitality and authenticity.

Snowman building and snowplow races are great additions to a rural winter carnival. The decorations must be kept rustic, complete with wide open spaces for the snowman building and snowplow races. Use the snowmen as obstacles for the snowplow drivers.

A winter carnival with an ice palace fits in with the theme of Disney's animated movie "Frozen." Offer face painting to the guests, and dress up performers as the princesses from the movie, Anna and Elsa to welcome guests to their ice palace. Snowmen that look like Olaf and reindeer named Sven complete the illusion.

Include fun games such as snowball tosses, snowball relay races and ice sculpting into each carnival. Winter-themed prizes are a great way to reward visitors for participating in the festivities.