What Are Some Good Ideas for Wedding Foods?


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Some good ideas for wedding food for a sit-down dinner include two-course options, such as an appetizer course and a meat option. Some ideas for a buffet dinner include pastas or comfort foods. If there is only a cocktail reception, food ideas include mini quiches, shrimp skewers or various dips. If the wedding reception is an outdoor barbecue, serve ribs, sausages and barbecue chicken and sides such as cornbread and beans.

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Sit-down dinners require servers and a kitchen staff, but are a great option for a formal event. The appetizer course is a salad option or a small plate dish, such as a fig plate or seared artichoke. The second course allows the guests to choose between two or three entrée options, such as steak, salmon or a vegetarian dish. The invitation for the event alerts guests to the choice, and the RSVP allows them to choose one before the event so that the caterer knows what to buy or bring to the event.

Buffet dinners are less formal and require servers or bussers. Many of the dishes are served on a chafing dish to keep the food warmed. Some caterers set up buffets with different stations for different foods, such as a salad and vegetable station, a carving station for meat, a pasta station and a potato bar with different potato dishes.

Cocktail parties usually require servers to circulate food and drink trays. The food trays include finger foods and skewers. Event planners typically incorporate four or more types of food, such as tartlets, stuffed mushrooms, mini tacos or dumplings.

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