What Are Some Good Ideas for Mother's Day Gifts?

good-ideas-mother-s-day-gifts Credit: Ariel Skelley/The Image Bank/Getty Images

Some good ideas for Mother's Day gifts include spa supplies, a gardening basket, books or a photo album. Another good idea is a mother and daughter, or mother and son, outing to the movies. The child buys movie tickets, drinks and popcorn for two and takes her mother to a movie date.

One gift that all mothers enjoy is the gift of relaxation. If the child has the money to splurge, a spa gift card that includes a full body massage is a good Mother's Day gift. However, if the mother relaxes best in her garden, a gardening gift basket is the way to go. Fill up a cute wicker basket with gardening stuff like gloves, trowels, seeds and potted flowers. A good book is another great Mother's Day gift idea. A child can pick out a book she feels her mother might enjoy or give a gift card.

Mother's Day gifts do not have to break the bank. A gift basket complete with moisturizing body scrub and candles is just as good. To make this gift more meaningful, the child can make the body scrub herself. A simple body scrub recipe requires 1 cup of body oil combined with sea salt or organic cane sugar. Then, lemon zest is added. The whole mixture is placed in a decorative jar.