What Are Some Good Ideas for a Ice Skating Birthday Party?


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Some good ideas for an ice skating-themed birthday party include spending the day at a local ice rink or frozen pond, sending out invitations designed to look like ice skates and setting up a bar where party guests can make their own warming hot drinks, states Boston Parents Paper. Hot chocolate with a choice of marshmallows, candy canes, cinnamon sticks and whipped cream is likely to be popular.

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There are a range of games ideal for an ice skating birthday party. One example is Freeze Skate, in which guests skate around the ice rink to music and have to freeze wherever they are when the music stops. Another example is an ice skating relay racing game, where guests are divided into teams and one-by-one skate up to a finish line and back. Guests can also be blindfolded and challenged to identify their shoes from a heap when it comes time to change back into them from the skates, according to Boston Parents Paper.

Party favor ideas for an ice skating birthday include thermoses filled with chocolates, different-colored mittens or homemade chocolate and wafer icicles. These can be made simply by dipping ice cream cones into white chocolate, allowing them to dry, then filling them with chocolate chips and marshmallows before covering with plastic wrap and wrapping in ribbon. Party favors should be given to guests attached to a thank you note.

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