What Are Some Good Ideas for Gift Baskets?

What Are Some Good Ideas for Gift Baskets?

Good ideas for gift baskets include themed arrangements, such as for gardening or for traveling. Food and wine themes also inspire good ideas for gift basket centerpieces.

A patterned watering can serves as the "basket" in a gift for gardeners. The gift-giver should put garden tools, such as a spade and miniature rake, and seeds inside the well. The basket can also include gardening gloves and hand lotion.

Wine-based gift baskets are classic. These typically have one or two bottles of wine as the centerpiece. Wine utensils, such as a bottle opener and a decorative stopper, go with the gift. Wedges of cheese, crackers, chocolate and wine glasses are other options to put in the basket.

Another food-based basket idea is for breakfast. The basket can include cornbread baked in a reusable skillet. Extras in this basket include orange marmalade and honey-flavored butter as well as fruit and a knife for cutting the bread.

Chocolate gift baskets are another food option. These often include a selection of gourmet or artisanal chocolates. They can also include decorations, such as a stuffed bear or a coffee mug with hot chocolate mix.

A small suitcase can serve as the container for a travel gift basket. This gift may include a journal, a travel water bottle, a Swiss army knife, luggage tags and a money belt. Decorations can include travel-themed candies, cookies or a miniature globe.