What Are Some Good Ideas for Christmas Village Displays?


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Two unique ways to display Christmas villages are on a Christmas wreath or in a wide-mouthed jar. Martha Stewart's website provides images and tutorials for each of these display types.

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If your village includes small, lightweight houses, such as cardboard houses, you can display it on an evergreen Christmas wreath. Start by adding embellishments, such as white cotton or glitter paint to represent snow. Add glue, and secure the trees and houses. Finally, add any remaining decorations, such as animals or people.

If your village includes heavier houses and figures, you can display it in one or multiple wide-mouthed jars. Place the jar with its mouth up or lay it on its side, depending on the look you prefer. Placing the jar on its side allows you to fit more village accessories inside. Start by placing cotton inside the jar to serve as snow. Then dab glue onto the bottom of your house or houses and on your other decorations, and place them on top of the cotton.

The supplies you need for these two village displays include the actual houses and other village accessories, an evergreen wreath or one or more wide-mouthed jars, cotton, craft and/or hot glue, and glitter.

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