What Are Some Good Ideas for a Christmas Gift Exchange?

good-ideas-christmas-gift-exchange Credit: KidStock/Blend Images/Getty Images

Good ideas for a Christmas gift exchange include giving only books, homemade gifts and a cobweb party. These ideas help to add individuality and uniqueness to the Christmas giving experience.

Limiting a gift exchange to books helps to keep costs down while providing hours of entertainment, fun and conversation, according to About.com. The giver must know the reader well in order to give just the right book, which is a testament to that person's thoughtfulness.

Homemade gifts are another option for a gift exchange and are not limited to arts and crafts. Some great homemade gifts can include making photo albums, quilts or even custom-made CDs. Another spin on this exchange idea is goodies. A giver can give her recipient a selection of brownies, bars and cookies. For those who enjoy healthy food, an interesting and exotic fruit basket works, or a variety of cheeses.

Christmas gift exchanges are about not only the gifts, but the experience as well. A cobweb party makes a gift exchange a fun game. A giver attaches a different colored piece of string or yarn to each gift. She then wraps that string over, under and around furniture, creating a mad cobweb of color. The ends of the yarn are given to the recipients with the colors matching the correct present. Then the recipients have to wind their way through the crush of people to the correct gift.