What Are Some Good Ideas for Brunch Invitations?

What Are Some Good Ideas for Brunch Invitations?

Some ideas for wording on a brunch invitation include identifying the reason for the brunch gathering, the location for the brunch and the time of the gathering. Identify the host and the RSVP information as well, according to Invitation Box. Another focus of the brunch invitation is the background style, such as chevron, brunch foods or flowers.

Some examples of reasons for a brunch are a girls' morning out, an engagement, a baby shower or an Easter brunch. Start the invitation with who or what is being honored and why, whether it be a mother-to-be, a newlywed couple or a specific family.

Wording for a morning-after-the-wedding brunch reads similar to, "When the ceremony is over, and the bride and groom have kissed, please stop by for brunch on Sunday to reminisce."

Wording for a bridal shower includes what style of shower it is, how to dress and what kind of gift to bring.

The decorations for the invitation should match the reason for the brunch. Wedding showers or after-wedding gatherings have flowers or rings. Easter brunches have spring flowers, decorative eggs or baskets. A family or friend gathering has chevron, different patterns, a ticket theme or food related to brunches, such as tea or cakes.