What Are Some Good Ideas for a 70th Birthday Party?

What Are Some Good Ideas for a 70th Birthday Party?

Good ideas for a 70th birthday party include using a 1970s theme or creating a video montage of the honored guest's best memories. Additional ideas include creating a show or performing comedy to entertain the guest of honor.

A person celebrating a 70th birthday party might appreciate a 1970s-themed party because he might have fond memories from that era. This party theme lends itself to a lively and colorful celebration. A 1970s party can have lights, a disco ball, 1970s-era furniture and dancing.

Another way to incorporate nostalgia into a 70th birthday party is to call old friends during the party. The guest of honor might appreciate calls from childhood friends, college roommates or old work colleagues. To make guest appearances more memorable, the old friends might surprise the guest of honor if the person celebrating the birthday is not expecting the call.

Someone celebrating a 70th birthday likely also appreciates an opportunity to look at old photographs from his life. In addition, an idea is to have guests write tributes or notes of appreciation to the guest of honor. The celebrant might also appreciate a special scrapbook that reviews his important life events, and guests can make the scrapbook more personal with individual messages and signatures.

For easy hosting, the planning committee might consider renting a hall or a theater. This kind of setting lends itself to performing skits, comedy or talent for the guest of honor. A guest can use his talent of choice to perform for the guests of honor, or groups of guests can present scripts. Party planners can also hire a comedian or entertainer if the guests aren't up for starring in the show. Of course, if none of these things prove exciting enough, the celebrant might also enjoy skydiving.