What Are Some Good Ideas for a 40th Wedding Anniversary Party?

Because the red ruby symbolizes being married for 40 years, a good idea for a 40th wedding anniversary party is to focus on items of that color. Red and white balloons for table centerpieces, red and white candles and a red velvet cake all fulfill this theme. Favors filled with red and white candies with a sticker featuring the couple's last name monogram fit this theme well. The gladiolus is the traditional flower for the 40th anniversary, so planners might fill the tables with vases of these flowers for another decorating idea.

The person or people throwing the party needs to have a memorable invitation. Finding a picture from the couple's wedding sets the perfect backdrop for the invitation. They also need to remind guests of the time period the couple was married in by playing music from that year or decade. The planner also needs to serve foods that were popular then, either using a caterer or family members, or they can find red foods to fit the ruby theme for a meal, appetizers and drinks. The celebration will be aided by a projection screen showing pictures of the couple, their children and grandchildren throughout the years. Additionally, pictures can be used around the venue as part of the decorations as well. As part of the guest book, the planner should have party-goers write a favorite memory of the couple so they treasure their party forever.