What Are Some Good Ideas for 21st Birthday Gifts?


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Some good birthday gifts for someone turning 21 years old include a mixed drink guide, a cocktail mixing kit, whiskey stones or artisan alcohol. Additionally, non-alcohol related gifts include opening a retirement savings account in the person's name, plane tickets to an overseas location or a 21 Things gift that includes some of the person's favorite goods in a special gift basket.

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A cocktail mixing kit comes with some additives for mixed drinks as well as tools used to make the drinks. A drink mixing guide gives details about types of alcohol, flavoring and garnishes that go into popular mixed drinks. Whiskey stones are soapstone cubes used as an ice alternative for liquor. They keep the drink from become diluted by melting ice.

A retirement savings account, such as a Roth IRA, helps a young adult start to save for the future. Some ideas for gifting a trip abroad include letting the person choose a place he wishes to visit, or providing a round-trip ticket to Europe, as well as a Eurail Pass to go from one city or country to another.

A 21 Things gift is full of baked goods and small gifts that suit the person being celebrated. It is a box or basket that contains 21 gifts. Purchase gifts or make them yourself, depending on budget and the theme of the gift. Some themes include grooming gifts, movie night gifts, kitchen related fun or vacation basics.

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