What Are Some Good Ideas for a 20th Birthday Celebration?

good-ideas-20th-birthday-celebration Credit: Betsie Van Der Meer/Taxi/Getty Images

In leaving the teen years, some fun ideas for a 20th birthday celebration can be ones of adventure, active events or relaxing times with friends and family. If the focus is to be laid back and spend time with guests, a pool party with a barbecue is a perfect way to celebrate, in good weather. Pot-luck picnics work well where guests bring signature dishes to a quaint local park.

One 20th birthday celebration idea is to be active and outdoors by going rock climbing, white water rafting or skiing. For the adventure seeker, bungee jumping and skydiving are ways to take a leap from being a teen to turning twenty. If skydiving is too adventurous, a back-up plan is to go to a safer, indoor skydiving venue with a few friends.

Another relaxing way to celebrate is to hold an outdoor or indoor movie night. A projector is needed to feature the film, and have guests vote on the movie they want to see. Also, a campfire is a low-key idea, setting-up in the backyard, chatting and celebrating over roasting marshmallows. Alternatively, make s'mores inside or decorate cupcakes together.

One final suggestion is an out-of-town weekend getaway with close friends to spend time together, celebrating while taking in the destination.