What Are Some Good Icebreakers for Christmas Parties?


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Good icebreaker games for Christmas parties include ornament count, name the carol, gift wrapping challenge and reindeer antlers. Other good icebreaker games are Christmas balloon pop and sharing a favorite holiday memory.

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To play ornament count, as each person enters the party, ask him to make a guess about the number of ornaments on the Christmas tree. After the last person has arrived, the person who guessed the number closest to the actual number of ornaments wins the game.

To play name the carol, distribute sheets of paper with a list of lyrics from approximately 10 carols on each sheet. Each carol must have only 2 or 3 words from the song written on the sheet. The person who guesses the most number of carols from the fragmented lyrics in one minute is the winner.

Gifting wrapping challenge is played in pairs. Provide the required supplies for wrapping a gift and a package to wrap. Each pair stands side by side, and each partner has one of his hands tied to the hand of his partner. The pair who get the package completely wrapped first, using only their untied hands, are the winners.

To play reindeer antlers, one person pulls a pair of unused pantyhose over their face with a flap cut out for the face and the legs hanging over their head. Cut off the feet of the pantyhose and give the rest of the team a pack of small balloons and some ribbon. Teammates must blow up the balloons and stuff them into the legs of the pantyhose so that they stand up like antlers. The team that makes the best antlers wins.

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