What Are Some Good Homemade Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for a Boyfriend?

Good homemade Valentine's Day gift ideas for men include magnetic bulletin boards, homemade chocolate truffles, cookies, gadget cases, gift baskets and Valentine's Day coupons. Givers can get personal with things like photos and their boyfriend's favorite colors.

Homemade gifts are creative, unique and very personal, so they make good options for Valentine's Day. There are a wide variety of projects at different skill levels in crafting publications, so givers have plenty from which to choose.

Crafters who can sew can make a wide variety of different gifts. Ideas include:

  • Gadget cases for MP3 players, cellphones, tablets or e-readers
  • Travel tie cases
  • Fabric candy bags filled with candy

Givers who lack sewing skills still have lots of projects to choose from. Most men love food, so homemade treats can go a long way. Homemade goodies can include:

  • Homemade cookies with love messages written on them
  • Homemade truffles
  • Homemade lollipops

Gifts that help organize space can also work well for Valentine's Day. These work best when paired with a personal touch. Examples can include:

  • A magnetic bulletin board covered with decorative paper and a few personal photos
  • Keepsake boxes that contain love notes

Givers who lack artistic and crafting skills can still give great homemade gifts. For example, they can use a bit of creativity to put together personalized gift baskets. Some good gift basket themes include movies, travel and gourmet food. Coupons also work well for givers who cannot wield a glue gun. Givers can use templates with messages included or brainstorm their own ideas.