What Are Some Good Holiday Party Games for Groups?


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Entertaining holiday party games for groups include Ornament Guess, Christmas Charades and Christmas Carol Pictionary. These games break the ice and entertain guests with trivia and keep guests in the holiday spirit.

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What Are Some Good Holiday Party Games for Groups?
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To play Ornament Guess, guests guess how many ornaments are on the tree when they arrive at the party. The guest who guesses the correct amount or comes closest without going over wins a prize. Variations include having guests guess the number of themed ornaments on the tree, such as the number of Santa or reindeer ornaments.

To prepare for Christmas Charades, the host comes up with a list of Christmas phrases or holiday movies and songs. Guests split up into teams. On each turn, a single player acts out a phrase, and the team has two or three minutes to guess the answer. The team with the most points wins. If children are playing, the phrases or movie titles should be kept simple.

In Christmas Carol Pictionary, guests split up into teams and race to draw Christmas carols. The host gives a single player the name of a popular Christmas carol, and the player must get the team to guess the carol by drawing a picture. Once the team gets the title, they must also sing the song for 10 to 20 seconds.

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