What Are Some Good Halloween Party Ideas for Teenagers?

What Are Some Good Halloween Party Ideas for Teenagers?

Organizing a costume contest, using black lights, hosting a scary movie marathon and creating a haunted house are some good Halloween party ideas for teenagers. These activities keep the teens occupied in a manner that's appealing as well as age-appropriate.

Costume contests are great for teen parties. The party organizer should encourage the teenagers to dress in a costume. To up the stakes, the organizer can offer prizes for the most creative, scariest and funniest costume. Teenagers love recognition and awards, and they can do their best to outdo each other.

Pulling out the black lights appeals to teens who love to party. The organizer can hang glowing ghosts and have the teens play glow-in-the-dark ping pong among other games. According to Passion for Parties, teenagers have a blast with this party idea.

Sometimes, all teenagers want to do is hang out and watch a movie. Therefore, a scary movie marathon is a good Halloween party idea. The party organizer can put them in a room with a DVD player and television and have them watch scary movies. Alternatively, to make the movie marathon exciting, the organizer can rent a projector to make them feel like they are in a movie theater.

Teenagers love haunted houses, and creating one can be a good Halloween party idea. The haunted house can be in the basement, garage or backyard. The house should be dimly lit, have a spooky soundtrack and a few teens with costumes to scare their unsuspecting friends.