What Are Some Good Halloween Party Games for Tweens?


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"Pumpkin Face" is a good Halloween game for tweens. Players coat their face with Vaseline. A layer of cheese puffs is placed on a table, and the players then have to cover their faces with as many cheese puffs as possible, without using their hands, in a predetermined short period of time. Other good Halloween games for tweens include bobbing for apples and bubble gum pie.

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Bobbing for apples is a well-known game that is perfectly acceptable for tweens to play at Halloween parties. A number of apples are placed in a bucket of water, and contestants have to retrieve as many as possible using only their mouths in a set period of time. Players can also divide into two teams, and the team that has gathered the most apples at the end of one round is the winner. Players can also form a line and pass each apple that is retrieved down the line (without using their hands) before the next player steps up to the bucket. Bubble gum pie is a similar game in which pieces of bubble gum are submerged in a pie plate filled with whipped cream. The player plunges her face into the pie and has to retrieve the pieces of gum.

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