What Are Some Good Halloween Face Painting Ideas?


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Halloween face painting ideas include animals, circus clowns and pirates. Scary monsters and zombies painted in a variety of styles are also for great Halloween face painting.

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For a basic animal face design, such as a cat, begin by painting the nose black or pink, without extending too far beyond the nose area. Next, create whiskers by drawing three lines, starting at the edge of the nose and extending outward towards the cheeks. Make the lines thick enough to be seen, but not so thick that they overwhelm the face. For a dog, paint the nose and some of the surrounding area black. Paint a patch around one eye to simulate the spotted look of dog fur.

To create a clown face, color the lips and mouth in a red oval shape. White or yellow circles can be painted on the cheeks to form dimples. Paint the nose red, and use any color to make circles around the eyes.

A Pirate face involves drawing a curly mustache on the upper lip and a goatee on the chin with black paint, then drawing a scar on one of the cheeks with black and red paint. Finally, use black paint to create an eye patch.

Zombie or monster faces begin with a green coat all over the face. Proceed to draw wounds, gashes and blood around the face with dark colors.

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