What Is a Good Going-Away Gift?

A good going-away gift for friends, family and loved ones would be a gift certificate to a favorite or critically acclaimed restaurant, either a local restaurant or if the giftee is moving away, then a restaurant located where the giftee will be moving to. The gift certificate doesn't have to be just for the single person. It may also carry a value to cover two or more guests, which is thoughtful and sure to be appreciated by any gift recipient who doesn't wish to dine alone.

A related gift suggestion is a gift certificate to a favorite clothing store, travel store, department store or chocolatier. This suggestion fits any size budget.

Another idea is to throw the person a going-away party. The party can be as small and intimate or as large as possible depending purely on what's deemed best. It can be entirely a surprise or held with the giftee's full knowledge. It can be held in a personal setting like a home or at a restaurant or another professional venue. Try to serve an appetizer, a dish, a dessert or a drink that the giftee especially loves; that will make the event even more memorable. Guests can include friends in common and coworkers, among others.