What Are Some Good Gifts for Your Husband on Your Second Anniversary?

What Are Some Good Gifts for Your Husband on Your Second Anniversary?

Second anniversary gift ideas for a husband include clothing, a canvas photo print, a pillow or a robe. Gifts for a couple's second wedding anniversary are traditionally made of cotton, although China glassware is a modern option.

When purchasing clothing, the woman should look at her husband's wardrobe to find out what styles and colors he likes. She should also check the sizes so she buys the correct size. If her husband enjoys dressing up, she can buy him a bow tie.

For a canvas photo print, she can use one of the couple's romantic photos, such as a wedding photo. To make the gift more romantic, she can have something printed on the canvas, such as the couple's vows or a romantic poem.

Pillow options include bedroom pillows, throw pillows or circular neck pillows for airplane rides. She can have the pillow personalized by adding a monogram. Monogram ideas include her husband's initials, last name or their wedding date.

Robes or bath towels can also be personalized with a name or initials. Another option is a set of robes or towels that say either His and Hers or Mr. and Mrs.

The second anniversary is considered the cotton anniversary because like cotton fibers, the couple's lives are coming together. They are also becoming more flexible with each other.