What Are Some Good Gifts for a Female's 16th Birthday?

What Are Some Good Gifts for a Female's 16th Birthday?

The average 16-year-old girl would like a car for her birthday, but if that's not an option, pick out a sterling silver key ring or one that's personalized with her name. Alternatively, make her a gift basket full of useful items for new drivers. Include small emergency items such as a flashlight and an instruction book explaining how to change a tire and change a car's fluids.

If she's not yet attending dances and parties, she may start soon. Purchase a few pieces of sparkly costume jewelry, a makeup palette or a simple clutch handbag.

Some 16-year-old girls want books and magazines. Pick up a gift card to a local bookstore if choosing individual books is too challenging. If she has an electronic gadget she loves, she may appreciate a new decorative case or gift cards she can use to buy new applications or new music.

Teens appreciate gifts that allow them time with their friends. Buy two or more passes to a local theme park, water park or indoor entertainment center. The birthday girl may also appreciate passes to a bowling alley, movie theater or zoo.

No 16-year-old girl can refuse cash or a gift card to a big box store or online retailer.