What Are Some Good Gifts for Christmas?


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Some good gifts for Christmas include: terrarium kits, photo coasters, picture frames, glass centerpieces and custom map art. For men, some great gifts are: hole-less leather belts, collar stays, golf ball locating sunglasses, tabletop mini basketball games and phone radio docks. Scented candles, scarves, jewelry and skincare products are great for women.

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Good Christmas gifts for children differ depending on the age such as wooden animals, tool sets and farmer fun dolls for younger children. A, B and C block sets and kid-friendly books with vibrant pictures, pop-ups, flaps and tabs can help to engage and teach children at a young age. They can also construct buildings and objects with LEGOs and other building blocks.

Some good Christmas gifts are do-it-yourself such as photo coasters, a project that only requires Mod Podge glue, flat cork circles the size of coasters, car stock, photo prints and mounting dots. The maker glues a piece of card stock onto the cork, followed by the photo. After brushing a layer of Mod Podge onto the top of the photo, she glues mounting dots to the bottom of the coaster. A good DIY Christmas gifts is a decorated phone case made by gluing iron on studs onto the back of a phone case using Krazy glue for the adhesive and a ruler for precise alignment.

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