What Are Some Good Gifts for 14-Year-Old Girls?


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One good gift for a 14-year-old girl is a young adult novel, such as "Twilight" or "Monster High." In addition, parents may wish to consider age-appropriate board games, like Dabble, which is a teenage version of Scrabble.

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Other fun gifts for teenage girls include:

  • Teenage girls also like fashion accessories. This can range from funky watches for throughout the year, to weather-appropriate scarves.
  • Teenage girls who have games consoles and enjoy sports may like an interactive game, like Get Moving for the PlayStation 4.
  • Jewelry targeted towards teenagers, like items featuring hearts and butterflies.
  • Girls who like being creative may enjoy a knitting kit, complete with instructions for making specific items.
  • Parents of teenage girls with cellphones may want to buy their daughter a phone case. Some even come with chains, which helps to keep the phone safe.
  • Teenagers who like to spend time relaxing may enjoy an age-appropriate Birchbox. These boxes can contain sweets, candles, reading material and maybe some cosmetics.
  • Girls who love to go to the movies can simulate the cinematic experience at home with a miniature popcorn machine. These retro-themed machines are inexpensive, and are they ideal for snack time.
  • Parents who want a unique gift for their teenage daughter can try buying a personalized paper dolls. Depending on the manufacturer, these dolls are a 6-inch copy of the photo parents provide of their daughter.
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