What Is a Good Gift for a Wife's Birthday?


A good gift for a person's wife on her birthday might be a digital camera, gym membership, spa day or personalized jewelry. The best gifts are thoughtful ones that come from the heart. In order to come up with a unique idea, keep in mind different things she is passionate about.

It can be a challenge coming up with a unique birthday gift for a person's wife. Flowers, perfume and candy are traditional gifts, and are appreciated by many women. While household appliances, such as vacuum cleaners, mixers or toaster ovens, may seem practical, some women may not appreciate the sentiment behind the gift. A spouse should take some time to think about what his wife enjoys, her interests and how she likes to spend her downtime to find her a perfect birthday gift.

If she is into health and fitness, for example, a membership to a local gym might be the perfect gift. An alternate choice would be new workout attire or accessories, such as weights or an iPod, so she can listen to tunes while she works out. On the other hand, perhaps she is a bookworm and enjoys staying in and catching up on the newest novels. Other options include a soft, cozy afghan throw, coffee mug and gift certificate to the local bookstore.