What Is a Good Gift for a Male Boss?


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When the holidays roll around, employees should give their male bosses a gift that is professional, understated and shows thought, such as a great business book, an automatic electric wine opener, a bottle of wine or a tech gadget that he is interested in, according to Forbes. Monogramming items can also be a great way to personalize a gift for both male and female bosses.

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If an employee is new to the company, he or she will need to first do some research on the company gift giving policy, says CNBC. It can be embarrassing to give a gift to a boss when the rest of the employees are not giving gifts. In fact, it may even make it look like the employee is trying to get preferential treatment. The general rule is that employers should give their employees gifts, but employees are not obligated to return the favor by giving their bosses gifts.

If the employee does want to give a gift, CNBC reminds employees that they need to keep it appropriate. For example, a female employee giving her male boss a bouquet of flowers might be seen as inappropriate or could raise a few eyebrows throughout the office. Stick with items that are safe, professional and that show a thoughtfulness in regards to the boss' interests such as a golf store gift card for a boss that is an avid golfer.

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