What Are Some Good Gift Ideas for Grandma?


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Some good gift ideas for grandma include personalized cookie jars, gardening tools, a memory book, a nana pillow or a family tree sculpture. A young child can decorate the cover of a notebook for grandma, giving her something to remember every time she needs to use it.

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What Are Some Good Gift Ideas for Grandma?
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Some grandmas are all about freshly baked chocolate chip cookies, and there is no better way to commemorate this than with a personalized cookie jar. A grandchild can create a unique label marking the cookies the property of grandma and paste it to a stoneware cookie jar.

For those gardening grandmas, some gardening tools are just the way to go. Pairing this with a padded seat to make gardening that much more comfortable ensures that the giver wins the grandchild of the year award. For those traditional grandmas, a nice, meaningful figurine can express what is so hard to say in words.

A grandchild can commemorate all those special memories with grandma by making a special memories book. She can place photos, quotations and recipes in the pages as a testament to the special experiences only a grandchild can have with her grandmother. There is also the family sculpture tree, which is a tree sculpture that has hooks where tiny framed photos of family members are hung.

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