What Is a Good Gift to Get a Guy for Christmas?


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Choosing a good gift to buy for a guy at Christmas will depend on who he is and what the relationship is, according to Good Housekeeping. If the guy is a friend or family member, then the gift will probably be a more personal gift than if he is a co-worker. If he's a significant other, then the gift should be something special, such as his favorite cologne or an engraved watch.

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When choosing the right gift for a guy, several considerations should be kept in mind from hobbies, to interests, to personal needs. The following list will help you narrow the search for a gift.

  • What are his hobbies or interests? Getting him a gift that fits in this category shows attention to him and what he likes.
  • What does he like? If he enjoys music or movies, then select films or CDs that he will enjoy.
  • What does he need? If he's wished that he had something, that will be a gift that will make him happy whether it's a notebook or a package of socks.

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