What Is a Good Gift to Give a Coworker Who Is Retiring?


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Gift ideas for a colleague's retirement include hobby-related items, keepsakes, work memorabilia or gift cards. The budget, relationship with the colleague and personal preferences of the recipient help narrow down the gift options.

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A group gift allows several coworkers to pool money for one larger gift instead of smaller individual gifts. Donations for a retirement gift should be voluntary and must comply with workplace policies on gifts or money solicitation.

A hobby or travel gift fits the retirement theme since the colleague is leaving work and has more free time to pursue those activities. The coworkers who know the retiree well have a better idea of the items that fit this category. Examples include golf gear, luggage, art supplies, tickets to an event or collectibles.

Keepsake items give the retiree a token to remember his colleagues. A memory book or stories from colleagues about their favorite memories of the person are ideas. A related option is a piece of memorabilia based on the work the retiree does. Examples include a T-shirt quilt for a screen printer, a framed manuscript for a writer, or a garden sculpture made from production scraps for a factory worker. These items work best for a retiree who wants to remember his working years rather than one who was forced into retirement or wants to forget his work.

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