What Makes a Good Gift for a Bachelorette?


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Gifts for a bachelorette should be fun, traditionally a little naughty, while also taking into account her personality, past and fantasies. Examples include over-the-top make-up, bedroom-themed gifts and massage oils.

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For the bachelorette who likes to party, an appropriately humorous and thoughtful gift could be a homemade hangover survival kit, containing bath products, painkillers and high-glucose energy drinks. On less of a budget, and opting for something a little more conservative, the partying bachelorette might also appreciate an expensive bottle of her favorite liquor.

Gifts needn't be expensive, however, providing they demonstrate thoughtfulness and knowledge of the recipient.

Other gift ideas include dare-based board or card games, which can be played as part of the bachelorette party. In fact, gift-giving itself can be turned into a game by piling each gift up anonymously and having the bachelorette guess which gift is from which guest. A variation on this game could involve having each guest bring the same type of gift, such as lingerie in differing styles of colors. Gift games like this are a good way to test how well the bachelorette knows her friends, and also to recall fond memories of these friendships before the bachelorette finally "ties the knot."

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