What Are Some Good Games to Play at a Kid's Party?


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Good games to play at a kid’s party include the balloon fight, egg and spoon race, fishing pond, birthday cake hunt and the bean bag throw. Others are the black cat treasure hunt, dolphins in the water, frozen treats and captives.

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What Are Some Good Games to Play at a Kid's Party?
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Balloon fight involves blowing and labelling balloons for the children. The kids throw their balloons in the air and try to maintain them there while, at the same time they try to knock each others balloons to the ground.

With the egg and spoon race, children line up in a straight line with a teaspoon and an egg. When the race begins, each child should place the egg on the spoon, place the other arm behind their back and start racing. The winner reaches the finish line with the egg on the teaspoon.

For the fishing pond, tie a string between trees and lie a cover so that the other side is invisible. Create a fishing rod and tie a peg at the end of the string. Have a helper on the invisible side to attach gifts on the peg as the kids fish.

Play the birthday cake hunt by dividing kids into teams and giving them clues and party gifts to find. Each child should have a bag to put the gifts. The clues and gifts should lead to the birthday cake location.

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