What Are Good Games for a Minnie Mouse Birthday Party?


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Some good games for a Minnie Mouse-themed birthday party could include "Pin the Bow on Minnie" or ring toss with Minnie's pearls. A scavenger hunt game with Minnie Mouse-related objects can also be played.

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To play "Pin the Bow on Minnie," a picture of Minnie's face should be placed on a wall and paper bows should be cut out of pink paper. Each bow should have tape attached to one side. During the game participants are blindfolded and spun around a few times. They must then attempt to attach the bow as close to the top of Minnie's head as possible, between her ears.

For the ring-toss game, small plastic pearl necklaces that represent Minnie's pearl necklace can be used. Participants must try to toss the necklaces around the necks of glass bottles or bowling pins set a few feet away.

For a scavenger-hunt game, items related to Minnie Mouse, such as bow ties, pearl necklaces, small purses and pink polka-dot objects, should be hidden around a designated area. The participants look for and collect as many items as possible. The game can be played individually or in teams. The person or team that collects the most items wins.

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