What Are Some Good Finger Food Ideas for Office Parties?


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Finger food for office parties includes items such as mini tarts, quiches, beef and lettuce cups, flavored olives, meringues, sliders and small sandwiches and meatballs. For parties, people have many options for serving finger foods, and they might serve food in themes, such as Southern cuisine, or offer a variety of meat-based, vegetarian and dessert foods. People often serve light foods, such as pretzel sticks, along with heartier appetizers such as cheesecakes and meatballs.

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What Are Some Good Finger Food Ideas for Office Parties?
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For a hearty appetizer, finger foods such as tartlets, Cuban sliders, which are small sandwiches with meat and cheese, and baked brie make good options. Hosts may serve mushroom puffs, cheese straws, tortellini bites and sweet potato tartlets to vegetarians, and offer Swedish meatballs, small tuna melts, shrimp gumbo and crab puffs to meat eaters.

In addition to varying types of foods, people serve finger foods based on the time of day or year. In the winter months, rich and savory items such as herbed goat cheese bites or warm roast beef sandwiches work well. For dessert, hosts might serve appetizer cookies, dates or fig tarts. Serving crostini and bourbon punch makes a light and easy summer selection.

Keeping dietary considerations in mind, hosts often offer a selection of healthy finger foods. Lettuce cups, fruit and cheese skewers and mini chicken pitas, for instance, prove healthier and lighter yet are still enjoyable finger foods.

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