What Are Some Good Bulk Options for Employee Birthday Cards?

What Are Some Good Bulk Options for Employee Birthday Cards?

The Gallery Collection, Tiny Prints, CardsDirect and HRDirect offer good bulk options for employee birthday cards. These companies offer various designs and allow customers to order in quantities of 10 to more than 5,000, depending on the business.

The Gallery Collection sells greeting cards in quantities of 25 and accepts orders of up to 20,000 cards. The company offers several original designs, including birthday cards from groups and cards that are personalized with business names. An assortment of discounted cards are regularly available as well.

Tiny Prints features a smaller selection of bulk birthday cards but provides a variety of personalization options, such as the ability to add pictures to some cards or to edit the cards' messages. Online shoppers may order 10 to 500 cards, and telephone orders are accepted for larger orders. Free samples are also available.

CardsDirect offers dozens of birthday card designs, including exclusive greeting cards, along with several options for customization, such as embossed embellishments and the opportunity to add original artwork. Order quantities range from 10 to 2,000, and several paper options are available to suit various budgets.

HRDirect prints premium foil birthday cards, as well as inexpensive budget card options for employees. Several designs are available in quantities from 10 to more than 1,000. The company also sells birthday cards in Spanish and assorted packs of bulk birthday cards.