What Are Some Good Bridal Shower Gifts for a Bride?


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Some popular gifts for the future bride at a bridal shower include lingerie, bath and beauty products, cosmetics, jewelry, travel accessories, flowers, home accessories, sculptures, candles, bedding and picture frames. A variety of dining and kitchen items are also given by guests at a bridal shower.

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Lingerie is typically given to the bride at a bridal shower. A bathrobe, pajamas or a bathing suit are some related bridal gifts. Bath and beauty supplies are gifts that make the bride-to-be feel pampered and relaxed. Cosmetics, jewelry and travel accessories are also favorite gift ideas for a future bride.

A vase with flowers is a decorative gift that is frequently given at a bridal shower. Decor accessories, such as sculptures or candles, are also common gifts for a future bride. Blankets, sheets and towels are other useful home gifts. In addition, picture frames are often selected as a gift for the future bride.

Kitchen and dining accessories are classic shower gifts for a bride-to-be. Champagne glasses, baking dishes, dessert platters, china and tea sets are also traditional ideas. Small appliances, such as a coffee maker or electric mixer, are modern gifts for a shower. Useful items for the kitchen, such as silverware, linen napkins, dish towels and place mats, are some more examples of gifts for a future bride at a bridal shower.

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