What Are Some Good Bridal Shower Games?


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Some good bridal shower games include Bridal Shower Bingo, Wedding Movie Charades, Bridal Pictionary and the Newlywed Game. Other recommended bridal shower games include the Toilet Paper Wedding Dress and the Clothespin Game.

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For the Toilet Paper Wedding Dress game, the host divides the party-goers into small groups, giving each group an equal number of toilet paper rolls. The goal of the game is for each group to create a wedding dress out of the toilet paper in a short amount of time. The group or the bride then vote for the best toilet-paper wedding dress, with the members of the winning group receiving prizes.

For bridal bingo, the bridal shower host makes up bingo cards with items that relate to the bride and the wedding. The names of the items are written on slips of paper, which the bride selects out of a bowl. As in regular bingo, the players mark off the corresponding square to the name the bride selects. The first to get a complete row wins.

For the Newlywed Game, the shower host asks the groom questions relating to the bride prior to the shower, such as "Where did you first meet?" The host then asks the bride the same questions, giving points for each matching answer.

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