What Are Some Good Birthday Party Ideas for Toddlers?


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Good birthday party ideas for toddlers include simple games like Ring Around the Rosey or a treasure hunt. Party food for young children should be small cut up items like fruit or crackers. Plan activities like a parade or coloring, and when the party ends, give out favors like finger puppets or a coloring book with crayons.

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To make a treasure hunt game, buy small toys and hide them around the party area. Show the children items similar to the hidden ones, and have them compete to find the most toys. The winner gets to help hide the toys so everyone can play again. At the end of the party, divide the trinkets among the children, and use them as party favors.

To start a parade ask the children to line up behind the birthday child, and give them streamers to dance with or toy instruments to play. Have them walk around singing and playing a birthday song. For a quieter activity, tape a large piece of paper or poster board to a fence to table. Let the children color the entire thing as a group.

Another fun birthday party activity for toddlers is decorating cupcakes. Set out frosted cupcakes with little bowls of candies and cookies. Allow them to adorn and then eat their creation.

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