What Are Good Birthday Gifts for Teens?

good-birthday-gifts-teens Credit: Tim Macpherson/Cultura/Getty Images

Depending on a teen's interests, a tablet computer, smart phone projector or ukulele in the shape of a pineapple all make excellent gifts. A scarf made out of reclaimed t-shirts is good for the environmentally-conscious teen, while crocheted headphones are a nice present for someone crafty.

The important thing to remember when giving any present is to think about the personality of the recipient as well as his hobbies and obsessions. Most teens either like modern technology, clothes, or some wacky gift that ties into a special interest or just makes him smile. While a new smart phone or laptop computer is always welcome, a thoughtful present reflects some knowledge about the teenager's lifestyle.

For teens who love animals, a necklace, ring or earrings adorned with her favorite creature is always a good bet. A book by a teen's favorite author or in her favorite genre, packaged with a nice bookmark and reading light is a nice gift for an avid reader.

For the bicycle lover, a belt made out of recycled tires, some needed bike parts or bike apparel are all creative ideas. Some other fun gifts include a tabletop foosball game, a thumb gourd piano, a wearable unicorn horn and a guitar amplifier that comes in the shape of a record.