What Are Some Good Birthday Gift Ideas for an 18-Year-Old Girl?

Good birthday gifts for 18-year-old girls include gift cards, makeup sets, tech accessories, fashion accessories and books. Friends and relatives can also choose from a variety of practical gifts, such as bags and storage items.

Gift cards make great choices for teenagers. They can use them to pick out things that they want, ensuring that they get gifts they love. Good gift card ideas for 18-year-old girls include clothing stores and online retailers.

Most teen girls love makeup, so makeup sets often make great gift choices. Nail polish and nail art sets are fun to play with, makeup brushes let older teens take their look from beginner to sophisticated and makeup kits let them experiment with different looks.

Tech accessories are not only fun, but also practical. Although gadgets such as tablets and smartphones are expensive, accessories are much more affordable. Good ideas include headphones, speakers and cellphone cases.

Books make great gifts for readers. There are a wide variety of coffee table books available featuring fashion, art and pop culture themes, which tend to be hits with teens. DVDs make great alternatives for girls who do not like to read.

Fashion accessories such as funky socks, hats and scarves let teenage girls personalize their outfits, which makes them a lot of fun. Also, they tend to be more affordable than clothing items, so they make great budget gifts.

Givers who want to purchase practical gifts can choose items such as bags, boxes and other storage items. Bags are usually handy items for 18-year-olds, especially if they are in high school or college. Jewelry boxes, jewelry organizers and other storage items also make great practical gifts, as they help keep those smaller items out of the way.