What Are Some Good Birthday Card Verses for a Son?

good-birthday-card-verses-son Credit: s0ulsurfing - Jason Swain/Moment/Getty Images

Good birthday card verses for a son include "To my son, my buddy," "You're loved a lot" and "Loving pride for our son." Verses focus on the rapid passing of time, how the son has touched his parents' hearts and the personality traits or best qualities of the son, from handsomeness to intelligence.

Parents can include their son's favorite poem or song lyrics in birthday greetings as well as well-known poems, such as Rudyard Kipling's poem "If," William Shakespeare's "Sonnet 71," or Alfred Lord Tennyson's "The Charge of the Light Brigade." Humorous quotes about sons may also be included, such as Roger Mortimer's "I am very fond of you, but you do drive me round the bend."

Birthday prayers, blessings and psalms are appropriate for a religious son. Psalm 139:16 discusses the son's birth as appointed by God while John 16:21 expresses the joy the recipient's mother has from her child. Wisdom from famous authors to their sons can enhance a birthday greeting, such as Charles Dickens advising his son to not be hard on people under his power and Jackson Pollock insisting that young fellows not be too serious.

Birthday greeting card verses for a son-in-law, which often include verses about enjoying having the person in the family, are also available.