What Are Some Good Birthday Cake Ideas for Kids?

What Are Some Good Birthday Cake Ideas for Kids?

Some birthday cake ideas for kids include building a castle, a dump truck and a snake made out of a train of cupcakes. Birthday cakes can also be rocket ships or footballs. Other ideas are a purse, a dinosaur, a dragon and a guitar.

Parents can create a castle out of cake by offsetting the tiers, and using cones to create spires and towers. Cake cones can make towers, and sugar cones can top the towers off in royal fashion.

To create a dump truck cake, parents can simply make a rectangular cake with an uneven top. It is possible to create wheels with chocolate doughnuts and windows with white chocolate. Parents may cover the top with pretzel sticks, M&Ms and crushed cookies to appear as the garbage coming gathered in the truck.

To make a cupcake snake, all that is necessary is a group of cupcakes decorated with candies to show a fun pattern. Parents may decorate a cupcake as a head and another as a tail.

Using two round cakes, parents can create the body of a guitar. They can use chocolate covered wafer cookies to create the neck of the guitar, and mini marshmallows attached by pretzel sticks to create the tuning knobs.