What Are Some Good Bat Mitzvah Speeches?


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Some good Bat Mitzvah speeches remind the celebrant to trust God and advise the child to dedicate her life to God in exchange for God's blessings. Other Bat Mitzvah speeches may talk about making a pilgrimage to Israel or instruct the young woman to honor her religious faith and learn from family members who came before her.

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One Bat Mitzvah speech suggested by Party Ideas Pro emphasizes that the Bat Mitzvah is a rite of passage and a celebration of the girl's new responsibility within the Jewish community. The speech encourages the celebrant to study hard in school and to look to the Torah to find a moral guide for life. As the family gathers to celebrate the child's coming of age, the speaker urges her to choose love, hard work and joy.

Another Bat Mitzvah speech reminds the girl that her ancestors have a long history of following God and that God blesses her. This speech recounts the girl's many good qualities. The Torah has exciting stories that teach good lessons, states the speech, which urges the child to learn from the Torah and her ancestors.

A Bat Mitzvah speech may discuss a pilgrimage to Israel as a spiritual journey and encourage the girl to find peace with the world. It is now her turn to follow the principles of Jewish living, the speech says. The speech encourages the honoree to trust God and value the good things in life.

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