What Are Some Good Banquet Decorating Ideas for Tables?

Good banquet decorating ideas for tables include incorporating the main colors of the event in the tablecloths and any centerpieces, or adhering to a chosen theme, such as a secret garden or casino night. Another option is to use decor or colors inspired by the season in which the event is held, such as a winter wonderland or autumn harvest.

Another decorating idea is to utilize the height of the centerpieces to add interest to the visual presentation. Guests need to see across the table, so one option is to keep the decor under eye level. However, centerpieces with dramatic height are appropriate if the base is sturdy with a long, thin stem at eye level. Another idea is to use varying textures and volumes to make the centerpieces unique.

On long tables, such as serving tables, long tablecloths are both beautiful and practical. They hide the area under the table, allowing space to store extra napkins, utensils, flowers or party favors. These supplies should be kept in bins or boxes in an organized manner for easy access.

Keep the tables free of unnecessary clutter, so guests and staff can work around the decor. Any candles or burners, such as chafing dishes, are dangerous if they are too close to decorations. Even non-flammable decorations should be kept at a safe distance from real flames. Electric candles create a similar glow and are safe to leave around other decorations.

Whether the event is a wedding, a graduation or a corporate event, there is a theme that ties the event coordination together. A wedding banquet table incorporates the bride's chosen color palette and flower choice. A school event utilizes the school colors, or in the case of a prom, a theme based on some aspect of pop culture. A business event may not have an overtly creative design, but the design of the table is based on the formality of the event or the seasonal time the event takes place. The table incorporates color and theme through the use of tablecloths, place settings, dinnerware and centerpieces.