What Are Some Good Ballerina Party Ideas?


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Some good ballerina party ideas including dressing every child as a ballerina, giving each girl a real ballerina hairdo, bringing in a ballerina for private lessons, keeping to a pink theme and ending with a tea party. A ballerina party is best for just girls as not all boys are willing to fit into leotards and tights.

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What Are Some Good Ballerina Party Ideas?
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The best ballerina parties are those in which the girls dress up as ballerinas. Instruct parents to send their children in leotards and tutus or provide the outfits for the guests when they arrive.

The first activity after the guests arrive is to give each girl a ballerina hairdo. The host can break out the accessories, including rhinestones, barrettes and tiaras. Every girl loves sparkly things, so glitter spray is a great idea. The host might need to have extra help with this step to move the party along in a timely fashion.

Another great idea is to have a real ballerina come and give the girls a lesson. Getting an older ballet student to play this role works well.

For the party itself, the host needs to keep the party to a pink theme. The decor does not have to be specifically about ballet as long as it has the right colors. A little glitter and a pair of ballet shoes here and there can serve as the finishing touches.

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