What Are Some Good Anniversary Gifts by Year?


Some good anniversary gifts by year include paper for the first anniversary, crystal for the 15th, rubies for the 40th and diamonds for the 60th. A list of traditional and modern anniversary gifts by year were organized by librarians at the Chicago Public Library. Many anniversary years also have their own flowers and gemstones that can be used as gifts, and they include the lily of the valley and garnet for the second anniversary and daffodils and green tourmaline for the 10th anniversary.

The gift associated with an anniversary year can be used to guide gift givers on what to buy a couple or to help spouses buy a gift for each other. Before 1937, only certain anniversary years were associated with specific gifts. The American National Retail Jeweler Association expanded this list to include gifts for every year up to the 25th anniversary, and there's also one for every fifth anniversary after that. In some cases, the traditional and modern gifts are the same, such as gold for the 50th anniversary. In many cases, however, the gifts are different. One example is the sixth anniversary, which has a traditional gift of iron and a modern gift of wooden objects. Other traditional anniversary gifts by year include cotton for the second, leather for the third and linen or silk for the fourth.