What Are Some Good Anniversary Gift Ideas for Parents?

good-anniversary-gift-ideas-parents Credit: Bellurget Jean Louis/The Image Bank/Getty Images

Some anniversary gift ideas for parents include giving them an album filled with pictures of their children from the time they were infants to adulthood, giving them a list of all the things people have learned from them or sending them on a dream trip to a destination they have always wanted to visit. The right anniversary gift for one's parents depends on their personalities and interests.

Sentimental parents might appreciate an album of memories of their family life. Pictures of just the children and their parents are ideal. They can be formal portraits taken throughout the years as well as random candid shots from birthday parties, family trips and holidays. To make the gift more elegant, an online photo site can help users create a hard-bound coffee table book with the pictures.

It is also possible to create a list of everything parents have taught others about love and marriage over the years. The number of items on the list should match the number of years the parents have been married. The list can be framed or printed like a small picture book.

Surprise parents who love to travel with an all-expense paid trip to a place they have always wanted to visit. Some possibilities include New York City, Paris, Hawaii or a Caribbean island.